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7 Fun Facts About Bernedoodles

Last updated on April 5, 2022

By Brenda Schlabach

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A Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix, there's no doubt that the Bernedoodle is one of the cutest dog breeds in the world.

Coming from two incredibly people-oriented breeds, this dog is definitely high on the list of family-friendly pets!


There's lots of information out there about Bernedoodles. Here's a list of our favorite facts you might not have known about these lovely dogs. You’re welcome!

#1. Bernedoodles Are Known For Their Loyal, affectionate Nature

Bernedoodles are loving, people-oriented dogs, and they are happiest when surrounded with their family. Intelligent and loyal, they are often described as having a playful and friendly temperament.

With their happy personality and sweet demeanor, they are perfect playmates for children. Give them the human interaction and attention they crave and they will probably follow you around everywhere! 

#2. They Are Excellent Therapy Dogs

The qualities that make this designer breed a popular family dog, are also the same qualities that make him the ideal companion/therapy dog.

Due to their steady, positive temperament and high trainability, Bernedoodles become great therapy dogs and have become a popular choice for service dogs as well. 


#3. They're Cute!

When you first meet a Bernedoodle, you’ll likely find yourself falling for that teddy bear face and luxurious fur.

It's no wonder that these beauties quickly become their owners' prized possession! 

#4. They Come In Different sizes

Bernese Mountain Dogs are definitely large dogs. However, the Bernedoodles are born in a variety of sizes, which is largely determined by their Poodle parent. Their sizes are generally classed as follows: 

  • Standard Size: 55-65lb. 
  • Medium Size: 40-50lb. 
  • Mini Size: 18-25lb

#5. They Haven't Been Around All That Long 

They have only been around since about the early 2000s! Canadian breeder, Sherry Rupke, from Swissridge Kennels, was the first breeder to internationally create the Bernedoodle in 2003.

Despite Bernedoodles being a relatively new mixed dog breed, it quickly became popular. 

And no wonder - with that easy-going, yet playful nature and early socialization skills, paired with such striking colorings, it became an all-time favorite for pet owners.

#6. They Get The Best Of Both Worlds 

Bernedoodles are said to have the best of both breeds in them. The sweet, gentle temperament of the Berner perfectly compliments the non-shedding nature and quick wit from their Poodle heritage.

Their breed-specific behaviors are also evident with the clever mind and playful attitude stemming from their Poodle DNA, and their more laid-back, gentle temperament derived from their Bernese Mountain Dog lineage.

The outcome is a beautiful, intelligent, friendly dog that makes a well-balanced companion.

Did You Know?

All our Bernedoodle pups are bred from AKC registered and/or Health-Tested parents to ensure our clients are only getting pets with the most robust genetics!

#7. They Have Coats Of Many Colors

You can't deny that Bernedoodles' soft fur is totally attractive!

From being born head-to-toe in one color, to sporting a striking tri-color, Bernedoodles come in a variety of colors.

These include; black, white, brown, black and white bi-color, or all of them swirled together! The tri-colored markings of the Berner is the most rare and the most sought-after of the coats. But whatever color they come in...they're completely adorable!

Because a Bernedoodle's coat tend to be more hypoallergenic than some, there is a lot less shedding. They are ideal for people with pet hair allergies or  those who don't want to deal with hair. 

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