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7 Fun Facts About Mini Goldendoodles

Last updated on October 10, 2022

By Brenda Schlabach

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  • 7 Fun Facts About Mini Goldendoodles

A cross between the Golden Retriever and the Miniature Poodle, Mini Goldendoodles are high on the list of popular pets. Here are seven fun facts about the world’s cutest dog!

Fact 1. They Come In Many Colors

Mini Goldendoodles come in many gorgeous and unique colors! Like the name implies, the most common coat color is a rich gold. However they also come in red, apricot, cream, dark brown, silver, black, and various mixes. 

The most rare and sought-after color is the stunning merle - multiple shades all swirled together! But whatever color they come in...they're completely adorable! 

Their coats can also vary in texture, depending on their genes. Some 'Doodles may have smooth, straight hair, while others have wavy or tight curls like Poodles. 

mini goldendoodle
mini goldendoodle

Fact 2. They Are Known For Their Friendly Personality 

Intelligent and loyal, Mini Goldendoodles are often described as having a playful and friendly temperament. They make fantastic family dogs, and are happiest when surrounded with human interaction.

With their loving, people-oriented personality and sweet demeanor, they are the perfect playmates for children. Because of their non-aggressive nature, they also tend to get along very well with companion pets, like cats or other dogs.

Fact 3. 'Doodles are Exceptionally Smart

It’s a fact! 'Doodles are eager to please, and very smart, making them incredibly easy to train. As both the Retriever and the Poodle are intelligent, 'Doodles are terrific students!

Their intelligence makes them quick learners, but it can also make them mischievous little tricksters at times. Even older dogs are quick to pick up new tricks or commands.

These dogs love to show off, and they live for more complicated routines. You’ll get a lot more out of a Mini 'Doodle than sit, down, and stay!

Fact 4. Mini Goldendoodles Are Hypoallergenic 

While no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, Mini Goldendoodles shed very little dander and hair, making them the ideal pet for people with allergies, or those who don't want to deal with pet hair.

pebbles pup

Fact 5. They're Healthier Than Their Purebred Counterparts

Known as “Hybrid Vigor”, studies show that Mini Goldendoodles inherit the best of both worlds when it comes to strong genetics.

This is due to being bred from two separate bloodlines – known as a “Designer Breed”. In the case of the Mini ‘Doodle, the blood lines are from a Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever – hence the name “Mini Goldendoodle”.

This hybrid vigor gives the Goldendoodle the ability to outlive both of their parent breeds. The average lifespan for a Goldendoodle is about 15 years. With proper nutrition and exercise, they generally live long, healthy lives!


Did You Know?

All our Mini Goldendoodle pups are bred from AKC registered and/or Health-Tested parents to ensure our clients are only getting pets with the most robust genetics!

Fact 6. Mini Goldendoodles Make Excellent Therapy Dogs

The same qualities that make this designer breed a popular family dog, are also the same qualities that make him the ideal companion/therapy dog. They LOVE being involved companions and taking care of people.

They often work as companion dogs for the sick, disabled, elderly, nursing home patients, and those dealing with trauma or depression, just to name a few!

For anyone needing a little cheering up, their loving nature will bring an instant smile to anyone's face! 

Fact 7. They Are Natural Athletes

Mini Goldendoodles are snuggly dogs and don't mind being your lap companion, but don’t let that confuse you! An adult dog's energy levels are in the moderate to high range, and they need lots of playtime and exercise to keep from becoming bored.

Thirty minutes minimum of daily exercise is good for them, as well as plenty of socialization and mental stimulation. Trick training, puzzle toys, and physical activities such as swimming, agility, or fetch, will make them less likely to misbehave out of boredom.

Mini 'Doodles perfect for families with an active lifestyle, and they thrive on long walks or hikes. So pick up the leash and head out for some fun!

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