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Last updated on February 24, 2022

By Eric Schlabach

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Meet the family who is the owner of Mountain Meadow Puppies in Northwest Montana!


Kenneth and Norma Schlabach 1

About Us - Where We Began

Our journey with our dogs all began in Texas!

In 2014, we began raising puppies as a part time hobby. We discovered Goldendoodles, and loved them for their bright, pleasant personality, and their adorable "teddy bear" appearance.

It turns out, others loved them too!

The demand for our gorgeous pups kept growing and before long, our part time hobby became our official business.

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We fell in love with the puppies and the clients. Raising loving puppies to send to good homes became a way of life for us.

Mountain Meadow Puppies Today

Now settled near the small town of Libby, we call Montana home! We were able to purchase a property bordering the vast national forests here in Northwest Montana.

It is a beautiful area of the state, right in the heart of the breath-taking Cabinet Mountain range. Not only do we get to see picturesque views, but we love seeing the wildlife - squirrels and deer, to the occasional bear - right from our home and front porch! 

We count it a privilege to raise our beloved Goldendoodles surrounded by such majestic scenery!  

Our dogs and puppies are at home in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility, with ample room to run and play.

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Dogs truly are man's best friend!

Our goal is to make connections, friends and family. We strive to raise healthy, well bred puppies - nothing gives us more joy than to know we've been able to connect another family with their next best (furry) friend. 

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If you want to stay updated on what we've been up to on a daily basis and want to see our puppies, please join us on Facebook and Instagram; or join our email list (below)!

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  1. Looking for a mini Goldendoodle.
    What town are you near in NW Montana?
    I leave in Idaho Falls, ID and I would need to drive to pick up puppy.
    Let’s start with your location.
    Thank you

  2. Do you have pictures of the Mom’s and Dad’s?
    Do you have pictures of the puppies and parent’s facilities (homes, pens, yards)?
    How often do you breed a female? How old before they retire?
    May we come and tour your facilities before we purchase? Also, be able to talk to your vet?

  3. We lost our schnauzer about a year and a half ago and miss him every day. It was the best 14 1/2 years ever. Finally at a point now where we’re thinking about opening our home and hearts to another puppy. Have been doing a lot of research and have a lot of interest in a mini golden doodle. Playful loving dog that is relatively low shedding and hypoallergenic. We live in Northern Nevada Near Lake Tahoe. Live in a wonderful community our home has a fenced in yard and lots of areas for great outdoor running and play. Looking forward to hearing more about your puppies.

    1. Hi Doug, sounds like a Goldendoodle would be a good fit! 🙂 If you haven’t already, please contact us at (406) 283-1391 and we’ll be glad to help you.

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