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About Us – Our Mountain Meadow Puppies Story

Last updated on April 14, 2021

Meet the Texas family who are now the owners of Mountain Meadow Puppies in northern Montana!


Kenneth and Norma Schlabach 1

About Us - Where We Began

Norma: Our journey with our dogs all began in Texas!

After finding myself a single mother of three, I began looking for ways to support ourselves. Some kind friends helped us get started raising dogs.

Although originally only a way to help support myself and my family, I fell in love with the puppies, and the clients. Raising loving puppies to send to good homes became a way of life for me.

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I fell in love with the puppies and the clients. Raising loving puppies to send to good homes became a way of life for me.

We discovered Goldendoodles, and loved them for their bright, pleasant personality, and their adorable "teddy bear" appearance.

It turns out, others loved them too!

The demand for our gorgeous pups kept growing and before long, Hidden Acres Puppies became official.

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Kenneth's Story: I met Norma not long after she became single. She needed help trimming some trees over her driveway, and one of her friends referred me. 

Over the years, Norma and I got to know each other, and became good friends. I had a mowing business, and she frequently hired me to help her keep after her small, east-Texas farm.

More Than Goldendoodles

From a good friendship over several years, then to a romantic relationship, it was a natural fit. We felt God leading us together, and in the fall of 2020, we made it official! Our wedding day was a gorgeous fall day, filled with fun, and good times with friends and family. 

From East TX To NW Montana!

With our new blended family, we made the decision to move to be near family and community, and to start afresh in the small northwest town of Libby, MT! It is a beautiful area of the state, right in the heart of the breath-taking Cabinet Mountain range.

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Mountain Meadow Puppies Today

Today, we are working on getting settled into our new home! We were able to purchase a beautiful property bordering the vast national forests here in Montana. Our dogs and puppies are at home in a brand-new, state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility.

Like our Texas kennels, we are focused on healthy, well-bred puppies; but more than that - to make connections, friends and family! Nothing gives us more joy than to know we've been able to connect another family with their next best (furry) friend. Dogs truly are man's best friend!

If you want to stay updated on what we've been up to on a daily basis and want to see our puppies, please join us on Facebook and Instagram; or join our email list (below)!

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