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Welcome! We are Kenneth & Norma..

Norma: I began raising puppies as a part time hobby, back in 2014, to help support myself and my three young daughters. We fell in love with Goldendoodles, and decided to start raising them full-time. We haven't looked back since!

Kenneth: We got married last September. Goldendoodles aren't the only thing I fell in love with! I now work with the dogs every day, making sure they're healthy, and well fed, as well as taking care of everything in the back ground. 

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Our Puppy Story

Our story began as a single mom in east-central Texas, where, with our three daughters, we raised Goldendoodles for many years as Hidden Acres Puppies.

Fast forward to today, we are now a complete family again, living in beautiful north-west Montana! We left Hidden Acres Puppies in good hands, and started a new kennel here in the heart of the Cabinet Mountains.

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Why Goldendoodles?

We discovered Goldendoodles not long after we started raising pets for others. We fell in love with them for their family friendly personalities, gorgeous, low-shedding coats, and their high intelligence/ease of training. 

Our Adoption Guarantee

We take pride in raising happy, healthy puppies for the whole family! 

Raised With Love

Our pups are raised in a loving family environment with kids and other pets.

Strong Genetics

Our puppy parents are health-tested and selectively bred to produce the best genetics.

Groomed & Healthy

Each puppy comes carefully groomed, vet checked, and with all applicable shots.

Luxury Housing

Our state-of-the-art, climate controlled facility exceeds all state regulations.

About Our Texas Kennel

Before moving to Montana, we operated a licensed dog kennel, Hidden Acres Puppies near Dallas, Texas. We left it in the hands of a long-time friend and employee, and it continues to this day. Although, no longer actively connected, we continue to work together to provide the needs of our clients nationwide!

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