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Cold Weather Care To Keep Your Puppy Safe

Last updated on January 5, 2022

By Brenda Schlabach

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  • Cold Weather Care To Keep Your Puppy Safe

Winter is here! And you know what that means - Anyone up for a romp in the snow?!

 There's lots of extremes this time of the year including snow, ice, and wind. Just like the colder weather affects us, so it also affects our dogs.


Goldendoodles have fairly thick fur to help protect them from the cold - but they don't have undercoats. Which means during the extreme temperatures, they'll need a bit of extra attention to avoid potential problems.

Let's take a look at some cold weather care tips you can do to keep your puppy safe, healthy and warm.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Generally speaking, most 'Doodles love playing outdoors no matter what the weather is like. But know your dog's limits. Think of it this way: if it's too cold for you it's likely too cold for your puppy. 

Don't leave your pooch in extreme cold for long periods of time. Puppies and elderly dogs are more susceptible to freezing temperatures, so be mindful of that when taking them out. 

It's better to bring your Goldendoodles in during the winter months. If your Doodle is an outdoor dog? Then you'll need to provide extra protection to keep him warm. 

For outdoor dogs, an insulated dog house with a covered door and dog bed can offer adequate cold weather protection, but keep an eye on the temperatures and bring your outdoor dogs inside if the temperatures fall below freezing.

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Other Cold Weather Care Practices You Should Know

  • Keep their fur long for winter. Since Goldendoodles don't have undercoats, they need all their fur to stay warm. Just give a quick trim to keep him tidy - including the hair between his toes to help reduce clingy ice balls on his feet. 
  • If you walk your dog where there's lots of salt or de-icers, his paws can pick up all kinds of chemicals. Wipe his paws to prevent him from licking it off and becoming sick. For an extra measure of safety, purchase pet-safe de-icers for your home.
  • Stay active. Goldendoodles need lots of mental and physical stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored or depressed. Take them out as much as possible: for the days you have to stay indoors, make sure you spend plenty of time playing games with him.  
  • Putting antifreeze into your car? Good idea - just make sure to clean up any spills. Antifreeze smells good to dogs, but it is extremely poisonous when ingested.
  • Just like humans, dogs can get dry skin in the winter too. Bathe your Doodle less frequently, and use an organic, nourishing shampoo, to help prevent irritation.
  • Our last cold weather care tip - leaving your dog at home where he's warm, might be in your best interest. Just as leaving your pooch in a hot car in the summer is dangerous, so it is in hazardous in the winter, if it's too cold. If there's a chance the dog might be left in the car for more than a few minutes, leave him at home.
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