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Disclaimer: Testimonials and photos include clients from the previous Hidden Acres Puppies kennel. Click Here for more.


The Puppy We Always Dreamed Of

The whole experience was beyond great. From the beginning, Norma was really helpful and helped us get the puppy we always dreamed of. Our Bailey is the cutest and sweetest.

Maria Videla - Happy Puppy Owner

She Always Answered My Questions

Norma is the best! She always answered my questions which there were many. I haven’t had a pet in many years. I told her I would like a mini size, reddish curly hair and a girl. Even tho I was not first to choose that’s exactly what I got. Her dogs are well care for and she made this purchase so pleasant. I would recommend Norma if you are looking for a doodle. Every picture that she posts of puppies that have been sold are just precious. Go to her website and get on her waiting list for your furry baby. You will not regret it!

Vickie Kale - Happy Puppy Owner

10/10 - Would Highhhly Recommend!

We had one of Goldie and Banjos puppies from their Nov 2019 litter! Noodle has been so good and so far very healthy and easy to train-potty trained in just a few weeks!! She also constantly gets complimented on how beautiful she is!! 10/10- would highhhly recommend on of Norma’s puppies!!!

Amy De Jong - Happy Puppy Owner

Such A Blessing!

Good Morning! Kobe has been such a blessing to our lives! πŸ’™ thank you so much! He's slept so good the first two days through the night and is working on being potty trained!

Augustin S - Happy Puppy Owner

Adjusted Well

Just wanted to give you an update: our Penny has adjusted well and we all adore her! She loves to play hide and seek, chew on all our shoes and socks, and take naps on the couch. In fact, when she's sleeping is the only time I can take pictures of her because she's sooo wiggly! We took her for shots this morning and the vet said she looks nice and healthy. Just wanted to say thanks again!

Lauren Tagle - Happy Puppy Owner

The Best Experience We Could Have Ever Hoped For

We haven’t had a dog in the house in over 25 years. So what did we do?? We decided on two puppies. This has been the best experience we could have ever hoped for. Starting with reserving our future puppies to picking them up. You can tell that a lot of love and attention goes into the everyday life of these puppies until they go to there forever homes. Thanks Norma for your devotion that allowed us to open our home to the most precious fur babies ever...Max and Mia!!!

Cari Watts - Happy Puppy Owner

Another Perfect Fur Baby!

Oops, you did it again! Lol - Another perfect fur baby fit for us! πŸŽ€

Virginia Osborn - Happy Puppy Owner, Times 2!

Extremely Helpful And Responsive

Norma was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. This was my first pet ever and Norma helped me navigate everything from tips regarding food transitioning to effective potty training. I appreciate how observant Norma is with her dogs. I learned that my pup had a skin infection and Norma was quick to let me know and provide the antibiotics and shampoo that the vet recommended. Thank you so much Norma! My pup is truly life changing! 😊

Asia Mitchell - Happy Puppy Owner

Puppies Appear Healthy And Very Well Taken Care Of.

Puppies appear healthy and very well taken care of. Norma seems to really love her dogs and takes precaution to maintain their health. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for an adorable goldendoodle.

Annette Rollins - Happy Puppy Owner

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6 hours 21 minutes ago

I love everything about this pic!🐢🐱πŸ€ͺ #LIKEandSHAREtheLOVE #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveatfirstsight #loveisafourleggedword #bestbuddies #f1bminigoldendoodle #livingthehighlife #doodlesofmontana

Mountain Meadow Puppies

9 hours 37 minutes ago

How can ya choose between four adorable puppies? πŸ€— #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveatfirstsight #loveisafourleggedword #doodlesofmontana #doodlesoftheworld #livingthehighlife #f1bminigoldendoodle #doodlesrule

Mountain Meadow Puppies

5 days 9 hours ago

Does life get better than this? A doodle.. An oasis of a back yard... πŸ‘Œ #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveisafourleggedword #doodlesofmontana #doodlesofinsta #f1bminigoldendoodle #loveatfirstsight #livingthehighlife

Mountain Meadow Puppies

1 week 7 hours ago

We are so excited!! Skye gave birth to some beautiful, multi colored puppies!! I can't wait to watch them growπŸ’• #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveisafourleggedword🐾🐾 #doodlesofmontana #loveatfirstsight #doodlesofinsta

Mountain Meadow Puppies

1 week 2 days ago

Does anyone else feel sleepy after lunch? πŸ€ͺ #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveatfirstsight #doodlesofmontana #bigoleyawn #doodlesofinsta #saige

Mountain Meadow Puppies

1 week 2 days ago

Charming Callie! 😍 Shes the queen of her sphere! #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveatfirstsight #f1bminigoldendoodle #leavingpawprintsonhearts #itscalliesworld #cuteandsheknowsit

Mountain Meadow Puppies

1 week 3 days ago

Sugar Plum aka Moxie Mae is 7 months! She is not even 12 lb πŸ™€ but shes a handful πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ #mountainmeadowpuppies #loveatfirstsight #f1bminigoldendoodle #leavingpawprintsonhearts #doodlesofmontana

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