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See Our Medium & Mini Goldendoodles For Sale Near Idaho Falls ID

See Our Medium & Mini Goldendoodles For Sale Near Idaho Falls ID

Mountain Meadow Puppies

- Our Montana Puppy Story -

Since 2014, we've been nurturing puppies that are perfect for families and developed a deep affection for the Goldendoodle breed. The rest is now history!

We live in a gorgeous corner of northwest Montana, where we raise our beloved Goldendoodles and Mini Bernedoodles as Mountain Meadow Puppies, surrounded by the majestic Cabinet mountains; alongside squirrels, deer, and even the occasional bear!

Our puppies

Are You Looking For Mini Goldendoodles For Sale Near Idaho Falls ID?

Our distinguished puppies are the progeny of the beloved American breed, the Poodle, crossed with several other popular dog breeds. This blend gives rise to extraordinary breeds that encapsulate the finest qualities from both realms!

Our specialty is the Goldendoodle, the result of crossing the ever-popular Golden Retriever with the equally distinguished Standard Poodle. Our puppies are excited to move to Idaho Falls ID!!

We Have Goldendoodles for sale near Idaho Falls ID.

Low Allergy

Goldendoodles inherit the Poodle's non-shedding coat, making them ideal for those allergic to pet hair!

Family Friendly

'Doodles are well known for their loyalty, and bond well with their families and other pets in the household.

Smart & Healthy

Our canines inherit the strengths of their parents, for an exceptionally intelligent, healthy, and long-lived pet.

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