Pet Grooming

Looking for a professional groomer for your 'Doodle? Look no further! Mountain Meadow Puppies is now offering premium grooming services for Goldendoodles. Contact us to set up a meeting!

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Why Us?

At Mountain Meadow Puppies, our first priority is to provide the best possible grooming experience for you and your Goldendoodle. We are dedicated to the welfare of your pet, and we will treat your dog with the highest level of care and attention. We only use premium grooming products, and strive to maintain top-notch safety and hygiene during the time your pet is with us.

Top-notch Care

From the time of booking till the end of the grooming session, your 'Doodle will be treated with loving care and attention.

Premium Products

We do not compromise on quality, and choose high-end grooming tools and accessories carefully selected to fit the needs of your pet.

Premium Grooming For Your Goldendoodle

With a grooming service at Mountain Meadows, you'll get a complete head-to-toe grooming package for your Goldendoodle, including ear cleaning and nail trimming. 

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  • Complete Shampoo
  • Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal
  • Standard Goldendoodle Cut
  • Nail Clipping

Book A Grooming

Ready to let your 'Doodle's health and beauty shine? Choose the correct weight category your pup belongs in, and give us a call or text! We will be in contact with you, to set up a meeting.



Small Dogs

10-25 lbs.


Medium Dogs

25-45 lbs.


Large Dogs

45+ lbs.

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