Meet Our Montana Goldendoodles!

We like to say our dogs are the happiest, most lovable bunch in Montana! But of course, we're probably a bit biased...

More importantly, all our dogs are carefully screened and health-tested to make sure our puppies have the most robust genetics!

What's to Love about Goldendoodles?


Goldendoodles are famous for their very-low-to-non-shedding coats. Although not completely hypoallergenic, it makes them ideal for people that suffer from pet allergies.

Strong & Healthy

Known as "hybrid vigor", Goldendoodles have the strength of two bloodlines, making them stronger and more healthy than many of their purebred counterparts.

Family & Pet Friendly

Doodles are especially known for their love of people. They're terrific dogs for the whole family - good with kids and other pets as well... even the cat!

Intelligent, Easy To Train

Our Doodles inherit the smarts of their Poodle sire, and the desire to please from their Retriever blood. They learn extremely fast, and are often used as service animals.

Our dogs

Meet Our Mama Dogs!

The mamas of our Doodle puppies are primarily Goldendoodles themselves! They are all health tested for strong genetics, and are F1 or first generation Goldendoodles. We monitor them carefully at all times, and only breed when we're confident they're in top physical condition.

our dogs

Meet The Sires!

The sires of our Goldendoodle pups, our handsome male dogs, are AKC registered and health-tested purebred Poodles. They are all carefully selected to produce some of the most gorgeous Goldendoodles pups around. We are proud of them!

goldendoodle dog with client in Montana

Not Just Goldendoodles

Occasionally, we partner with other breeders and guardian dog parents to offer other breeds, such as purebred Poodles, Standard Goldendoodles, Cockapoos, and more.

All the puppies we offer, regardless of source, are lovingly raised in a family environment, and held to the same breeding standards as our own kennels.

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Adopt With Confidence

Our guarantee to our families

Careful Breeding

Our dogs are bred only when they are in peak health, with a careful eye on genetics, and on-going health before, during, and after the pregnancy. 

Luxury Kennels

Our luxury, custom-built facility meets and exceeds all state requirements with spacious, climate-controlled rooms, outdoor runs, and ample food and water.

Strong & Healthy

Our puppies are carefully monitored from birth, to the day they leave our facility! They are vet-checked and up-to-date on all shots before leaving for their new homes.

Raised With Love

Our pups are lovingly raised, with daily interaction with us from the minute they're born. They are well acclimated to family life by the time they leave at around 8 weeks.

Ready For Your Own Puppy?

Meet Your New Best Friend!