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Our Top 70 Dog Names For 2023

Last updated on March 21, 2023

By Brenda Schlabach

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The Perfect Dog Name for Your New pet 

Naming your newest furry addition to the family is an important decision, and frankly, it can seem a bit daunting. 

You want a name that not only sums up the mood and personality of your dog, but also reflects the interests and personality of you, the owner.

In addition, you also want it to be a Good-Sounding name you won’t be embarrassed with around others. (Shouting “Get back here, Mr. Snuffbutt!!” at the top of your lungs across a crowded park, might get you some wondering looks.)

Enter our Top 50 Dog Names for 2023 – our favorite dog names, old classics to new trendy!

Classic Favorites

Some dog names are ageless classics – loved and known by many, over decades and decades.



1. Rex

1. Bonnie

2. Lad

2. Patches

3. jack

3. lady

4. buddy

4. belle

5. Clifford

5. Juno

6. Rinty

6. Ruby

7. Spike

7. maggie

8. marley

8. bessie

Trending For 2023

The most popular dog names for 2023 include a nod to celebrities, Disney heroes, and other movie characters.



1. Max

1. Luna

2. Elton John

2. Bella

3. Simba

3. Wednesday

4. Kobe

4. daisy

5. Teddy

5. Willow

6. Maverick

6. Lana

7. Charlie

7. Rosie

8. Milo

8. nala

9. frodo

9. onyx


Owner Favorites

The most popular dog names from dog owners everywhere, narrowed down to our 15 favs!



1. Coco

1. paris

2. Ace

2. Cookie

3. Moose

3. Poppy

4. Jasper

4. Coconut

5. Snoopy

5. astra

6. Cider

6. Pearl

7. Tucker

7. Candy

8. Bear

8. aspen

9. pistol

9. holly

10. jace

10. Xena

Pro Tip:

When choosing names, short-n-snappy can be better. It’s easier for you to say and for your pup to remember!

Unique Names

Last, but not least – Our 10 most unique, fun, and creative dog names!



1. Whiskey

1. Scarlett

2. hans

2. Mary Puppins

3. chip

3. toto

4. Bark Twain

4. Persephone

5. czar

5. River

6. Crockett

6. mimosa

7. Gatsby

7. dixie

8. frodo

8. Harley

9. Ranger

9. thelma Lou

10. Pup Tart

10. Pebbles

More Dog Naming Tips

Finding the perfect name can take some time and effort. Here are some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Think of your favorite sports or hobbies. For instance if you enjoy music, you might consider “Mozart” or “Jazz”. 

Other dogs are named after planets, (“Pluto”) comic book characters, (“Ironman”), music super stars (“Cash”) or after popular movie releases – think The Avengers, Top Gun: Maverick, Encanto, etc. 

When it comes down to it, the perfect name is only in the “eye of the beholder”. So find “The One” that makes sense to both you, and your family. 

Whether that’s funny, unique, catchy, trendy, popular, classic or a some combination of them all, let your creativity shine, and go find that perfect name!

More Resources: There’s many other great articles on the web with hundreds of great names choices – This article from Cosmopolitan, and this one on Two Tails Pet Company are great places to start.

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