An Exceptional Dog

Last updated on September 22, 2023

By Brenda Schlabach

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Bijou is an exceptional dog but maybe all owners think this. I LOVE her very much! Fun, smart, a gentle temperament, popular with the boys though spayed this week🥴, a real mama's girl, an amazing traveller, loves the ocean, bi-lingual in French/English (bonjour= shake hands, viens ici= come here, je t'aime= I love you, couche= lay down, fais tes besoins= do your business/go potty). Now that she is a year old, I can begin getting her ready to be a therapy dog. Requires a lot of discipline on my part! I'd like to take her to schools where shy kids can read to her. She always wants to be touching me - she is my girlie-girl!

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