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Introducing Your Goldendoodle To Your Other Pets

Last updated on April 5, 2021

By Eric Schlabach

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Chances are, if you're an animal lover like we are, your new Goldendoodle puppy isn't the only furbaby in the house.

The good news is, Goldendoodles generally adapt and become best friends very quickly to your other furry household members...even the cat! It's part of the attraction of 'Doodles.


Our "Introducing Your Goldendoodle Puppy" Checklist

Introducing your new Goldendoodle puppy to the rest of your household is generally an easy, straight-forward process.

But there's a few things you should know!

So without further ado, here's our list of puppy introduction "how-to's":

1. Goldendoodle "Pecking" Order

Your puppy will naturally work to find it's place in the pecking order of your "pack" - the other dogs, cats or other animals in your house. 

To help your 'Doodle pup acclimate, gently place him in front of your other pets while holding him and protecting him from other pets overpowering or acting aggressively towards your him.

Allow them to sniff each other and gradually begin building that life-time bond!

2. Curbing Unwanted Behavior

It's considered normal to see some negative reactions, depending on the personalities of your pup and/or your other pets. 

Reactions, such as barred teeth, growling, hissing, snapping, barking, or other signs could mean your pup or your other pet is uncomfortable, fearful or aggressive. 

In this case, you may need to keep them separated in a crate or fenced off area of the room, where your pup and the other pets can see and smell each other without getting too close or feeling threatened.

Keep them apart in this way for a couple of days, or until they've gotten used to each other. At this point you can try putting them together again under close supervision.  

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3. Introducing Your Goldendoodle To Your Cat

We love cats. Honestly! But it goes without saying, even the most calm and regal cats may not appreciate a playful puppy intruder into her domicile - Unlike most well-socialized dogs that easily adapt to a new pack member.

Again, its up to you to closely supervise the meeting and observe your pets' reactions. Do your best to keep the interactions positive and remove your Goldendoodle at the first signs of discomfort or aggression.

Give your pets time to get used to each other, and give your pup time, separated from the others, to help him get used to his new environment.

In the end, the majority of cats will come around, and your pup just may become best buds!

4. Your Pup Needs Time By Himself

When you bring your Goldendoodle to your home, everything is new: 

- New routines that's likely different from your pup's breeder.

- New smells and sounds.

- New humans and pets.

- A new bed to sleep in - without his brothers and sisters.

You get the idea.. 

So - while no two puppies are alike, every puppy needs a place without other pets or excessive distractions, to sleep and call their own. 

This helps them to stay well rested and calm, and gives them a secure place from which to explore their new world.

And here's why it's important: A place of belonging and security gives your puppy confidence in interacting with your other pets and getting well established in the family "pecking" order.

More training For Your Goldendoodle

Ready to learn more about acclimating and training your Goldendoodle puppy? Look no further - check out our Online Puppy School resources below!

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