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Goldendoodles In NW Montana

Last updated on September 1, 2021

By Eric Schlabach

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Come meet these beautiful Mini and Medium Goldendoodles raised right here in the heart of Northwest Montana!


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Isn't She Cute?!

One of our happy Mini Goldendoodle pups poses for the perfect snap!

About Us

Before we go further - allow us to introduce ourselves! We've been raising family-friendly pets since 2014, and Goldendoodles since 2016. 

Our kennels, originally on a small ranch in south-east Texas, is located in a remote north-west Montana town, nestled on the edge of the Cabinet Mountains.

About Our Goldendoodles

Our beautiful Goldendoodles are a delight! We chose Goldendoodle, not only for their fluffy, "teddy bear" looks, but also their gentle, family-friendly personalities.

They are also known for their ease of training. Many of our clients report their Doodle was potty trained, and learned basic commands in as few as three days!

Another big plus of our Goldendoodles is their non-shedding coat. This makes them ideal for people with allergies to pet hair. 

Kallie update
Cooper 1
Koda boy 2

Goldendoodle Colors

Our Goldendoodles come in a variety of colors, from dark red, to cream, to black, and the exquisite merle. 

While we can't always guarantee you'll get the color you're wanting, we do promise to do our very best to match you up with the litter that best matches your desires. 

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Our Montana Dogs

Our adult dogs live a pampered lifestyle inside their own well-heated, snugly insulated home. 

We work with them daily, from keeping them cleaned and well fed, to cleaning and improving the kennels.

As a fully licensed breeder, we keep them as fit and healthy as possible. This means regular vet checkups, strict worming and immunization protocols, and only breeding the females when they are in peak condition.

We also have a yearly inspection, to ensure our kennels continue to meet and exceed all state regulations for dog breeders.

Highlights About Our Dogs

Vickie Kale Testimonial
  • Health Tested - Our dogs have been extensively health-tested and are selectively bred to ensure our puppies have strong genetics
  • Registered - Our dogs are AKC registered, or come from registered stock. 
  • Our dogs range from Poodles to F1-B Goldendoodles. Meet the dams and sires on the "Our Dogs" page.

FAQ About Our Goldendoodles

If you're not acquainted with the Goldendoodle breed yet, or simply want to know more about these amazing dogs, here's some common questions we get about 'Doodles:

Q: How big do your puppies get?

A: Our puppy sizes can vary, but they are classed as follows: Standard Size: 55-65LB. Medium Size: 40-50LB. Mini Size: 18-25LB. Petite Size: 12-18LB.

Q: Are your puppies good for allergies?

A: While no dogs are completely hypoallergenic, these puppies do not shed, making them ideal for people with pet hair allergies. (And everyone who doesn't as well????)

Q: What personalities do your Goldendoodle puppies have?

A: Personalities vary of course! However a common trait is a high desire to please, as well as very loving. They are also known for their ease of training. 

Q: Are there any special requirements to own a Goldendoodle?

A: Goldendoodles are easy to care for. Besides their obvious needs of food, water and shelter, their biggest requirements are enough space to run off their excess energy, and because they are bonding dogs, enough loving attention from their families.

We hope you enjoyed this article! Want to learn more, or have another question? See our FAQ Page, or just Ask Us!

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  1. Hi

    We would like to come out to your home and visit with you and your puppies. We would never purchase a puppy without a first hand look.

    Is that possible???

    1. Hi Marilyn! Sure, you are welcome to come see the puppies. please text 406 283 1391 to set up an appointment

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